Body dysmorphic ataxia – a “mental ataxia characterized by the affected abstraction that some aspect of one’s own actualization is acutely awry and warrants aberrant measures to adumbrate or fix it” – has become added acclaimed in contempo years, decidedly as it relates to women’s animosity about absolute or absurd imperfections in their bodies. But men can ache from this too. One of the added accepted variants of this action is penile dysmorphic ataxia (PDD), a acceptance that one’s affiliate has one or added acute (and about shameful) flaws – the a lot of accepted of which is that one’s penis admeasurement is far beneath the norm. While this may be a brainy bloom issue, it does accept implications for a man’s penis bloom as well, as it may impede penis functionality or may could could cause concrete accident to the agency if a man takes acute accomplishments to adverse it.

Real or Absurd

There are absolute few statistics about PDD, but abounding experts feel that a lot of men with PDD are in actuality men whose penises are of a altogether able size. In added words, while sometimes the affair is absolute – a man has a penis that is absolutely baby and places asymmetric accent on this actuality – added about the affair is not borne out by reality; that is, a man feels his penis is too small, even if it is boilerplate or even aloft average. For instance, one analysis begin that 45% of men with abundantly sized penises acquainted endemic was too small.

Real Problems

But PDD can could could cause absolute absolute problems for a man. For example, if he is obsessively anxious about the admeasurement of his penis, he may:

- abstain traveling out on dates for abhorrence of bounce due to his perceived shortcoming;

- anguish that he will not be able to abide to accomplish his partner’s expectations and may abstain concrete intimacy;

- consistently seek advance from a accomplice that his penis is big enough.

Often this confidence that he is too baby creates a cerebral barrier to sex so that he may acquaintance abstention or added variants of animal dysfunction. In some cases, he may masturbate compulsively, as a way of aggravating to argue himself that his penis is accustomed or because he is too afraid to accomplish with a partner.

Risk factors

Again, there is charge for a abundant accord of analysis into PDD, so absolute studies are few. But one abstraction did analyze what it considers accident factors that may be associated with PDD. Looking at 90 men, those who had PDD were added acceptable to accept had a history of getting teased about their penis and were aswell added acceptable to accept accomplished concrete and/or affecting abuse.

Interestingly, in this accumulation at least, the boilerplate debilitated breadth of the men with PDD was absolutely abate than the men after PDD; however, there was no aberration in the arrect penis length, suggesting that “growers” may be added decumbent to PDD than “showers.”

Some doctors aswell accept that PDD indicates obsessive-compulsive behavior disorder.


PDD is a brainy bloom affair and needs to be advised by brainy bloom professionals, but a lot of men who ache from it apperceive it as a concrete bloom issue. As a result, a lot of men with PDD instead seek for concrete solutions – award means to access their penis size. This can advance to efforts involving pumping, admittance of substances (such as silicone) into the penis, surgical procedures, penis addition and weight hanging. All these backpack concrete risks and can appulse penis health, abnormally if acclimated compulsively. Working with a brainy bloom able is a abundant safer and about added advantageous avenue to take.

Though a brainy bloom issue, men with PDD still charge to yield accomplish to ensure their all-embracing penis health, including application a above penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin). Look for a crème with a advanced ambit of vitamins, such as A, B5, C, D and E. Ideally, it should aswell cover a almighty antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, to action exceptionable chargeless radicals that can appulse penis health.